The Team

This event would not be possible without the help of the following volunteers. We can be contacted at


Andrew Andrew is a co-founder of Hack for Privacy, activist and self-taught software developer. By day, Andrew works as a software consultant with everyone from startups to big enterprises to help them deliver software better. By night, Andrew helps other activists leverage technology to amplify their voices in their fights for social change. Since the Snowden revelations, Andrew has been focussed on helping activists maintain their privacy, since it is very hard to create social change without privacy.

Twitter: @whereismytaco


Cam Cam is a developer who is passionate about using technology to make the world better and fairer. He joined the privacy movement after learning about the true extent of mass surveillance, and the chilling effect it has on free thought and speech. He believes that the tech industry has a responsibility to fight for everyone's right to privacy.

Website: | Twitter: @thecamjackson


Gabor Founder of Privacy for Journalists and, organiser of CryptoParty Sydney, privacy and infosecurity enthusiast. Threema: PRN7228A, PGP:

Website: | Twitter: @gszathmari


Pam Pam is a software developer who believes that we, as technologists, have a big responsibility when it comes to protecting people's privacy. She believes that we need to create software in an ethical way, thinking of the implications when we decide what personal data we capture, how we use it, who we give access to it and how we protect it.

Website: | Twitter: @PamRucinque


Robin Robin is a software developer and co-founder of Hack for Privacy. After observing the disregard for users’ security prevalent throughout the software industry, and the lack of respect for privacy across society as a whole, his despair was turned to action by Snowden’s revelations of 2013. He believes that the software industry is culpable in the demise of privacy, most people are in denial about their own role in mass surveillance, and now is the time to fix our attitudes. He attempts to demystify and promote privacy by facilitating cryptoparties, making noise on the internet, and organising Hack for Privacy.

Website: | Twitter: @rdoh


Suelette Privacy and freedom of expression are intertwined. People behave differently when they are being spied on; they are less free. Suelette is a tech researcher at the University of Melbourne, and also founder of the NGO Blueprint for Free Speech. Blueprint supports pivotal changes to protect freedom of speech, such as the adaptation of new technology (Ricochet Messenger), and changes in black letter law. Whistleblowing is an emerging type of freedom of expression.

Twitter: @SueletteD